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Roque Sevilla

Roque Sevilla


Roque Sevilla is a highly accomplished Ecuadorian businessman with an outstanding trajectory at launching and developing successful business ventures, leading innovative initiatives on environmental conservation and proposing solutions to improve quality of life in the city. Such achievements define him as a “pragmatic dreamer.”

In 1973 he launched Tecniseguros, which would later become Grupo Futuro, a group of industry-leading Ecuadorian companies in insurance, tourism, healthcare and renewable energy, all of which share a single philosophy: generating happiness in people’s lives.

His steadfast commitment to environmental conservation is evident in several of his initiatives, beginning in 1976 when he established Fundacion Natura, the first NGO dedicated to conservation in Ecuador. Furthermore, his contribution to the area stands out with his pragmatic vision for the development of mechanisms designed to finance the conservation of fragile and threatened areas. For example, through “Canje de Deuda por Naturaleza” (Exchange Debt for Nature), which has been signed by the international community, and also by presiding over the first Commission for the Yasuni-ITT Initiative in 2008.

Roque Sevilla is also a member of the WWF board of directors and other renowned environmental organizations and has received numerous recognitions for his work in conservation. One of the most significant awards is the Global 500, a distinction of honor given by the United Nations to the 500 most noteworthy people working in conservation worldwide in 1990.

Roque was the mayor of Quito in 1998, and previously participated in public service as a city Councellor, member of the Constitutional Assembly and National Forestry Director.

He graduated as an Economist from the Catholic University of Ecuador, then studied forestry engineering in Germany and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Roque Sevilla is a proactive opinion leader, generating ideas for the development of the city, sustainability and corporate ethics. Since 2017 he mentors entrepreneurs and is president of Endeavor Ecuador, an organization that leads the global current of high-impact entrepreneurs.

Our board of directors:

  • Miguel Sevilla – President
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  • María Cecilia Alzamora
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