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Fundación Futuro presented its new vision to the Futuro Group family

Fundación Futuro convoked its allies and main donors to live an inspirational moment when presenting the new focus of its strategic vision. Due to its natural setting, the auditorium of the Quito Botanical Garden was the perfect meeting place to welcome the Futuro Group family made up of the main representatives of each of its companies.

Born, grow, evolve…

“Born, grow, evolve…nature is constant creation and renewal…” were the words that gave a start to this meeting, inviting Roque Sevilla, President of Fundación Futuro, to open the transformative journey of the encounter, marking a before and after in the mission of the organization.

Photograph: the Fundación Futuro Team

Roque recapitulated the origins and evolution of the foundation’s first stage and presented “Our First Footprint”, a memory that goes over the first two decades of Fundación Futuro, occurring in a setting where its programs for access to health and productive credits were a necessary response for rural areas without public backing in the country.

Roque anecdotally related the virtuous circles that were generated in eight Andean communities and in the coast during 18 years. Pertaining the path of learning and achievements, he recalled that red cheeks were not a special feature of Andean infants, but rather the evidence of pathologies caused by poverty conditions, which, through simple treatments and improvements in their environment, they were able to change. Another inspiring story was that of the credit union created in inspiration of the Muhammad Yunus Grameen bank model, which has now exceeded a one million dollar reserve. He concluded by asking for a round of applause in recognition for the work of that first cycle, headed by Felipe Burneo and María Alicia Mata.

Photograph: Roque Sevilla, president of Fundación Futuro

Celebrating constant evolution, the President of Fundación Futuro announced that climate change is his new focus of attention. Facing this great challenge, Roque invited the leaders of the companies to be part of the transformation of the footprint as proposed by the integral program of Fundación Futuro, encouraging the cooperative participation of all the collaborators in their initiatives.

Sensory effects accompanied this transformative moment for Fundación Futuro. Recreating silhouettes of birds and animals of the forest with a play of projected shadows on the dome of the auditorium and the noise of the jungle as background music; and, with an animated cartoon narrating the evolutionary intent of the organization – the video “Transforming the Footprint”.


Photograph: Projection of the “Transforming the Footprint” video

Carolina Proaño-Castro, current Executive Director of Fundación Futuro, presented the new strategy, which is focused on the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development of the Andean Chocó of Pichincha through four programs. In addition, she shared the initial results of her recent management, including support for the declaration of the Andean Chocó as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO; the acquisition of 1,200 hectares of forest, which together with the Mashpi Reserve will consolidate the core protection area; as well as Metropolitan Touring’s certification as “carbon neutral” and the measurement of the carbon footprint by the company Salud SA.

Photograph: Carolina Proaño-Castro, Executive Director of Fundación Futuro

A symbolic act motivated the participants to “transform the footprint” by confirming their commitment through their signature, which was amplified on the screen through a digital device located at the center of the room. This act was the commemorative memory of the renewed image of Fundación Futuro being delivered to those present.

Photograph: Signature during symbolic act “Transforming the Footprint”

Next to the orchid garden, the guests participated in an informal meeting, tasting some vegan appetizers prepared with the ingredients and hands of the neighbors of the Mashpi area. That night also surprised the attendants with a play of light and sound effects from the Garden of Lights program that was being presented at the Botanical Garden to close the day as an initial invitation to live a culture of sustainability in the Futuro Group.

Education: The Seed for Sustainable Transformation

Education: The Seed for Sustainable Transformation

The classrooms of the schools and colleges of Ecuador are filling little by little after a period that, with frightening strength, reminded us of the importance of education in our society and the inequity of access to it in rural Ecuador. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency are unprecedented phenomena for modern society. These contexts require urgent actions that reflect our innovative and resilient human potential.

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