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We are Fundacion Futuro, an Ecuadorian non-profit organization established in 2000 to implement the corporate responsibility initiatives undertaken by Grupo Futuro, one of the major holding groups in Ecuador. The conglomerate comprises a variety of companies, all leaders in their respective industries –insurance, healthcare, and tourism– all of which share a common philosophy of integrity, responsibility, creativity, passion, excellence and sustainability.

Previously, over the course of nearly two decades, the foundation sponsored a series of development programs in rural communities. Numerous initiatives were launched to facilitate access to healthcare services and microloans in rural Andean and coastal communities.

In 2019, Fundación Futuro performed an overhaul of its strategy and vision, shifting its focus to mitigating the effects of climate change through forest conservation and community resilience in Ecuador, one of the world’s most mega diverse and sensitive ecosystems. In this extraordinary environment, the conservation of unique and vulnerable forests is both a challenge and an opportunity. The adaptive capacity of local communities is key, which is why the foundation has implemented a comprehensive sustainability program in Ecuador’s Andean Chocó region, which extends from the region to the northwest of Quito (Ecuador’s capital) to the Colombian border and beyond.

Our greater purpose is to mitigate the effects of climate change and our efforts focus on the conservation and sustainable management of the Andean Choco region.

In this fragile place, our integral work will be centered around:


Conserving and connecting forest remnants is a critical factor in helping species adapt to climate change.

Conserving and connecting forest remnants is absolutely critical to helping species adapt to climate change because wildlife corridors allow many species to make their way to higher altitudes (and cooler temperatures) as global warming continues to occur. We have selected the Andean Chocó as our point of focus because it is one of the planet’s most extraordinary biodiversity hotspots, as well as an ecosystem that needs to be protected from multiple threats, including illegal logging, mining, and hunting.

We began our work at Mashpi Reserve, an expanse initially covering 2,500 hectares (6,180 acres) of forestland. This has been our epicenter for establishing wildlife corridors and connecting two major nature reserves by forming alliances with local authorities, inhabitants and other organizations..

Our plan is to create two main wildlife corridors, one to the north of Mashpi Reserve, stretching nearly 30 km (19 mi) and connecting to the Cotacachi-Cayapas Reserve, and another one to the south [55 km (34 mi)], linking Mashpi to the Mindo-Nambillo protected forest.

Carbon Footprint

Transforming the carbon footprint through different capturing mechanisms supports conservation programs.

True to their philosophy, the companies that make up Grupo Futuro have committed to transforming their footprint through efforts targeted at reducing the carbon emissions in their operations, as well as offsetting the emissions they are unable to reduce.

Our “Carbon Fund” is a mechanism for offsetting, responsibly and in a transparent manner, all of the carbon emissions emitted yearly by Grupo Futuro companies and the emissions from other organizations.

Our work includes accompanying the companies that make up the Group in the reduction of their emissions, as well as analyzing sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives that can be incorporated into their business operations. Finally, we motivate employees in being aware of their own personal carbon footprint and working towards reducing it.

We help generate a virtuous circle whereby we raise the financial resources necessary to fund our program, invest those resources in conservation, restore ecologically fragile areas and reach conservation agreements.

Sustainable Landscape

Governance, sustainable livelihoods and education set the conditions for humans to live in harmony with nature.

Building sustainable landscapes means forging positive relationships between all the stakeholders in this region known for its extraordinary ecological sensitivity. Through good governance, sustainable livelihoods and quality education, we help local communities live in harmony with nature.

We have joined forces with the local government and other organizations to reinforce systems of good governance in the area. We have aligned our conservation and development strategies with those of the local governing body, Mancomunidad del Chocó Andino, and are operating in collaboration with well respected organizations such as CONDESAN, Fundación Imaymana, Heifer International, Enseña Ecuador, Basque Culinary Center and Kawsay Tika Wasi. We have created sustainable livelihood opportunities in the area so people can choose to remain in the area and have a sustainable and fair income.

Finally, we are working with relevant organizations to improve formal and informal education in the area, to strengthen local capacities and build a culture of peace

Sustainability Culture

Grupo Futuro’s Sustainability Culture is a source of pride and a strategic value.

Fundación Futuro is the organization leading the corporate sustainability efforts of the companies comprising Grupo Futuro.

We generate strategic value for the companies in the holding group, promoting innovative practices and setting the standard for the development of public policy. We aid each company in developing a culture of sustainability in the workplace, reaching their nearly 4,000 employees nationwide.

Different programs and initiatives facilitate the participation and involvement of employees in a model of transformation that fosters sustainability practices and seeks to provide differentiation between the products and services that the companies offer.

At Fundación Futuro we are convinced that climate change is a multiplier and catalyser of threats to life. This situation caused by unsustainable human actions is putting at risk all our acheivements in conservation and human development in recent years. For this reason as a pragmatic response to the climate crisis…

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Our values







Transporting ourselves from A to B requires efficiency and responsibility, but it must remain sustainable.

Transporting ourselves from A to B requires efficiency and responsibility, but it must remain sustainable.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to vehicle transport, but realistically we won’t be able to replace all vehicles in one shot. If we see this as a personal responsibility towards sustainability, understanding private vehicle transport can also contribute to reducing our environmental footprint. We just need to adjust our sails a bit.


MashpiLAB is a holistic initiative that leverages the value of the forest in 4 different ways. We exploit its Gastronomic Value by generating new and different products and culinary experiences. We create Economic Value by generating sustainable livelihoods in the local population. We generate Social Value by promoting healthy eating, a steady source of income, education, new cultural paradigms, empowerment and a sense of community. Finally, we build Environmental Value by teaching the local population to farm and harvest sustainably, while respecting the biodiversity of this region.

Meet our Team.

Carolina Proaño-Castro

Carolina Proaño-Castro

Executive Director

Carolina Proaño-Castro assumed the leadership of Fundacion Futuro towards the end of 2018 to develop and implement the new sustainability-focused strategy.

Felipe Andrade Dávila

Felipe Andrade Dávila

Carbon and Biodiversity Management Coordinator

Felipe Andrade is a biotechnology engineer who has experience in ecology, conservation and project coordination.

Carolina Dávalos

Carolina Dávalos

Sustainable Landscape Management Coordinator

Carolina Davalos has significant experience in developing environmentally-friendly productive processes.

Nicolás Maldonado Velásquez

Nicolás Maldonado Velásquez

Corporate Sustainability Projects Coordinator

Nicolás Maldonado Velásquez takes on the role of Corporate Sustainability Projects Coordinator at Fundación Futuro, dedicating himself to the development and implementation of sustainable strategies. Nicolás has been an active promoter of the B Corporation ecosystem in Ecuador, underscoring the importance of a responsible and sustainable economy.

Gustavo Pazmiño

Gustavo Pazmiño

Conservation Leader

Gustavo is a biologist with a specialization in ecology and natural habitat restoration, and he has been involved in various biodiversity and conservation projects.



Roque Sevilla

Board member

Roque Sevilla is a highly accomplished Ecuadorian businessman. He has launched several successful business ventures, leading innovative initiatives on environmental conservation, and has proposed solutions to improve living standards in the city. Based on his ability to simultaneously manage multiple successful initiatives, he is widely known as a “pragmatic dreamer”.

Our board of directors:

  • Miguel Sevilla – President
  • Elisa Sevilla
  • Martha Tufiño
  • María Cecilia Alzamora
  • Juan Manuel Merchán
  • Felipe Burneo
  • Diana Correa
  • Fernando Terneus
  • Sofía Sprechmann
  • Jorge Andrés Wills

The operation of Fundacion Futuro is mainly supported by the contribution of the Grupo Futuro companies:

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