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Mashpi expands toward the future

Fundacion Futuro purchased nearly 1,300 hectares of forest to expand the Mashpi Reserve, an important objective for protecting wildlife.

As part of its initiative to conserve biodiversity, the private Mashpi reserve is expanding into the future. Fundacion Futuro recently acquired nearly 1,300 hectares of forest (about 3,212 acres), a significant achievement in protecting local wildlife. With this purchase, the Mashpi reserve will now cover 2,500 hectares, (about 6,178 acres), which takes it closer to meeting its goal of promoting natural conservation and connectivity of the Andean Chocó Region. This land was purchased through a “green loan” issued by a well-known local bank in Ecuador, PRODUBANCO-Grupo Proamerica.


The Mashpi Reserve is located in one of the world’s most biodiverse places, home to a stunning cloud forest and rare endemic species. This reserve, together with Fundacion Futuro, represents a sprawling beacon of conservation. The goal is to consolidate Mashpi reserve and build two ecological corridors to connect it to the north with the Cotacachi – Cayapas National Park and to the south with the Mindo – Nambillo Reserve and the spectacled bear corridor.

Photograph: New Land Credits: Carlos Morochz

The expansion of the Mashpi Reserve will facilitate the development of a sustainable landscape. To do so, Fundacion Futuro has proposed multiple projects to be implemented together with the communities of northwestern Pichincha. These projects are centered around governance, education and sustainable livelihoods for local residents. The fundamental objective being to maintain a healthy ecosystem that allows for species to successfully adapt to climate change and communities around the reserve thrive sustainably.

The Mashpi Reserve is located in the heart of one of the world’s most biodiverse places and is home to a stunning cloud forest.

Education: The Seed for Sustainable Transformation

Education: The Seed for Sustainable Transformation

The classrooms of the schools and colleges of Ecuador are filling little by little after a period that, with frightening strength, reminded us of the importance of education in our society and the inequity of access to it in rural Ecuador. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency are unprecedented phenomena for modern society. These contexts require urgent actions that reflect our innovative and resilient human potential.

A fruit-flavored dream

A fruit-flavored dream

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Guayabillas (ASOMEG in Spanish) produces and markets tropical fruit products made with agroecological and local crops. These products enable the Association’s members to take advantage of the region northwest of Quito’s astounding diversity and rich production, and improve their families’ and communities’ incomes, all the while strengthening the caring bonds woven between women and their relationship with nature.

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