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Potlucks at San Jose de Mashpi: Celebrating diversity

The “We are all Mashpi” event brought the families from the community together to spend time having fun.

On Sunday, March 3, Fundacion Futuro and the community of San Jose de Mashpi held an event called “We are all Mashpi,” a potluck arranged for the inhabitants living in the area to get to know each other better and celebrate their diversity. The majority of area inhabitants populated the sector more than 40 years ago. They came from different provinces, such as Esmeraldas, Imbabura, Loja, and Manabi, and from other countries such as Costa Rica, Italy and France.

Photograph: Inhabitants of San Jose de Mashpi preparing food for the potluck.

The ‘pambamesa,’ also known as a ‘potluck’ or ‘table for everyone’ is an ancestral community meal where each participant takes a dish to share with others.

Together, as a community, they shared food, swapped stories, and strengthened their friendships. This was one of the first activities organized under the sustainable development and conservation programs that Fundacion Futuro is implementing around Mashpi to build a sustainable and inclusive landscape.


Participants were given instructions to bring a typical dish from their place of origin. An Ecuadorian – Costa Rican family that has a cacao plantation prepared a vegan chocolate mousse with products grown in Mashpi through sustainable agricultural practices. Other families prepared tilapia with fried plantain and palm-heart ceviche.

Photograph: Vegan cholocate mousse (Left) and Tilapia with fried plantain (Right), dishes prepared by community members.

Six Things You Can Do to Mitigate Climate Change

One of the best lessons we have learned working in conservation and environmental education, is that the perspective with which we intake information can affect our ability to transform that into action. In this field, just like in day-to-day life, if we remain attached to fear and uncertainty, we are more likely to ignore the issue and keep ourselves detached from it.

Climate change

Climate change

Two words that have developed a deep and paralyzing confusion, that eventually leads us to inaction. This increasing anxiety when learning about the effects of climate change, is also called eco-anxiety, and all of us, even those who work in conservation suffer from it. We would like to help out with this.

Yunguilla, a sustainable community model

Yunguilla, a sustainable community model

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